Vertical axis wind turbine

The normal propeller wind turbines are sometimes quite dangerous to birds because of the huge sweep area of the blades and when there is wind, the propellers move fast which birds sometimes cannot see.

Vertical axis wind turbine, like this one in the video, are cool. This vertical wind turbine from mariah power has 1.2Kw of power. It will start rotating at wind speeds of about 9mph and can withstand 100mph winds. It also has a built-in wireless zigbee modem. This means your computer can access the turbine’s data such as wind speed and power produced. Pretty cool stuff…

Source: Mariahpower

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  1. Wind power is a good source of electricity but it also takes up lots of space just like solar power plants.,,”

  2. Thats a great idea. I never even thought of the issue with birds.

  3. I have only dabbled with traditional windmill turbines designs in the past but I will consider trying a vertical axis wind turbine in future for my projects. They seem wrong somehow because they don’t look like windmills.

  4. Fantastic site. I also have just one and we enjoy many other web site masters.

  5. Great read!

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