Some very nice wind turbines for homeowners

New wind turbines designed by Philippe Starck

wind turbine2 Some very nice wind turbines for homeownersFrench designer Philippe Starck, creator of chic hotels, high-tech lamps and modern-style furniture, has turned his attention to energy with the design of two sleek micro wind-power turbines aimed at domestic use.

The devices because of the vertical axis design, they’re almost noiseless. That’s an advantage. I hate wind turbine devices making noise. I hate noise too…

Doit-yourself power generation is seen as a growing trend. The fact that it claims to save on carbon emissions gives the wind turbine added appeal.

Home owners the windmill is said to generate  between 20%-60% of a single homes energy at around 400 euros.

The twin-blade WT400W is rated at 400 W and is expected to cost about 2,500 euros ($3,505*).  The triple-blade WT1kW is rated at 1 kW and is expected to cost about 3,500 euros ($4,905*).

The turbine will be produced by pramac although stark stated that he is sick of designing because he creates useless things, this design could actually turn things around, if it lives up to its claims.

TWIN blade wind turbine Some very nice wind turbines for homeowners

Source: JetsonGreen


  1. Sorry, the price is just not practical. Most of these wind units are just the Chevy Volt of the green community. We won’t pay 40,000 for the Volt and we won’t pay $4,000 for these turbines. Some movie actors in California will but real America won’t.

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