Efficient wind turbine from Southwest Windpower

New efficient Wind Turbine from Southwest Windpower.

In the consumer market, the importance of efficiency is crucial. Most efficient devices usually gets more success than others. This new wind turbine can start to make “big noise” in a press when it’ll start selling. As for now the product has been announced on Windenergy.com as a 74% more efficient than the model made until now, the Skystream 3.7. The general availability is expected during early 2011.

The Skystream 600 has improved design with larger blades, enhanced software, and an improved integrated inverter. It comes with system directly connected to the Internet which enables you to monitor in a real time how much energy is produced. The price of this wind turbine has not been fixed yet.

“In many applications, Southwest Windpower offers the most economical distributed renewable generation technology,” said Kevin Skillern, managing director of venture capital at GE Energy Financial Services. “Through our investments in the company, GE Energy Financial Services is helping bring this new product to market.”


  • Sleek design and aesthetics. Including monopole towers of varying heights
  • Large blade span for superior energy capture
  • Sophisticated integrated inverter and controls
  • Web-based Skyview™ system for remote performance and lifestyle monitoring
  • In low to moderate winds, it produces 74% more energy than its predecessor, the Skystream 3.7

Source: JetsonGreen