Experimental Swiss Plane without a drop of Kerosen fly 2500 km from Swiss to Morocco

Solar Plane called Solar Impulse flies to Morocco Experimental aircraft Solar Impulse, a solar-powered, started on Thursday to experimental flight from Switzerland to Morocco. The plain has started from the airport in the … [Read more...]

AeroQuest Solar Roof System

The AeroQuest Solar Roof System: Revolutionizing Photovoltaic Power Generation This is a guest post from Maria Rainier. When you’re choosing solar panels to put on your roof, how do you pick the right ones? It can be tough when you have to … [Read more...]

Spanish made solar backpack

Solar backpack from Spain. Quite pricey, for a backpack, but usefull when going for a trek which lasts several days and nights and needs to recharge your mobile devices.  The authors are Marco Seiz, Julien Guardiola and Daniel Julier. Solar power … [Read more...]

Nanoantennas to collect up to 92 percent of infrared wavelengths energy

The nanoantennas. Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory believe that plastic sheets containing billions of nanoantennas that collect heat energy generated by the sun and other sources could dramatically … [Read more...]

New Solar installation at Reunion Island

Some great news from my island - Reunion Island ! Group Ravate, through its subsidiary Ravat BUSINESS leading distributor of building materials in the Indian Ocean, and Urbasolar, have created a joint venture to be able to Operate and create new … [Read more...]

5 Funky Solar Powered Light Gadgets

This is a guest post by Dan Harrison from EnviroGadget.com . If you are interested for writing a guest post or became a regular writer for Best Solar Energy just contat us. When you think of solar powered lights, what do you think of? Perhaps … [Read more...]

The top list of best solar makers and manufacturers

There is quite a few of solar panel makers on the today. Not all of them are the most efficient, most valuable or less expensive. SunPower makes the best solar panels in the world and Kaco makes the best inverters in the world and Direct Power and … [Read more...]

Save $ with Solar Electric

With rising energy costs, many homeowners are asking, "Is there any relief?" The answer is YES! Thousands of homeowners in California have done their research and found solar to be a cost-effective, environmentally responsible way to reduce or zero … [Read more...]

Inovative technology – Dye solar cells

Artificial photosynthesis is based on the concept of a dye analogous to chlorophyll absorbing light and thus generating electrons which enter the conduction band of a high surface area semiconductor film and further move through an external circuit, … [Read more...]

Air conditioning powered by solar energy

A solar energy is used very clever way to power air-condition system. The idea behind this project is to recover the heat produced by the solar panels, to produce hot water. This hot water is directed into a machine, which dissociate the water and a … [Read more...]