Solar Power Plant which provides energy even at night

Solar installation which delivers energy at night too.

I was a bit supprised when I saw this info on one of my popular blogs I folow. This information is very interresting and exciting, since it’s concerning a solar power plant which is able to deliver the energy not only during the day (which is normal) but also at night. How it’s possible? Read on…

There is new installed demo project in Hawaii. It’s been installed by Keahole Solar Power. The installation of Sopogy Micro-scale Concentrating Solar Power Concentrators was done on Big Island (Hawaii).

The installation:

  • Thousand solar collectors.
  • Surface area –  3.8 acres.
  • Thermal energy – 2 megawatts.


So there is 8,000 gallons of water heated through Electratherm “green machines”- The ElectraTherm units are called Waste Heat Generators and run on a temperature difference 20 degrees.

The result: according to Keahole, “firm, fixed power which has been deemed as the holy grail for renewable energy.”


Source: TreeHugger