How to cut your electricity bill with solar power generator

There is a lot of ECO gadgets around these days. One of them is this little solar power generator.

This device generates both: solar and wind energy, as it uses a collection of six photovoltaic panels, crafted as a vertical turbine. While the panels generate solar power, the moving blades generate wind energy.

One never know how efficient is this device but if you want to have one with cool design like this, then it is a MUST HAVE….. -:)

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A residential power generator that combines solar and wind energy to give you a clean and green energy source.

Source: Ecofriend

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  1. Have you considered using solar power system as an electricity source for your home?

    There are many reasons why you should be using solar power, but here are just the most important ones:

    Solar systems are more efficient then other power sources

    Yes, that is true! By using solar power for your home power supply, you will save up to 85% on your monthly electricity bill. Sun energy is captured through solar panels and converted into electricity which can be used to power your entire home. This is for sure also a great way to save money.

    You reduce your electricity demands

    We need electricity for so many things in our homes; heating, air condition, refrigerators, owens, computers… and when you use solar power panels you remarkably reduce your demands for electricity. This of course has a huge impact on lowering your monthly electricity bill. The more things there are in your home that need power to operate, the more it makes sense to use solar panels as a power source for your home.

    Solar panels do not have a negative effect on the Planet

    This is probably the most important reason why you should consider building solar panels for your home. They do not put off any pollutants such as carbon dioxide, so you don’t affect the Earth’s atmosphere in a negative way. Instead, you will be doing your part to help save the Earth.

    Solar panels can be put pretty much anywhere

    They can be placed on a lot of places, and when you place them on your roof, you do not see them or even know they are there. If for any reason they can not be placed on the roof you can place them anywhere as long as there is enough sun and no obstacles in the way.

    These are not the only reasons for using solar power for your home electricity supply. If you do a little research you will discover even more reasons.

    If you live in the US, you will find this interesting – you will get paid for implementing solar power in your home.
    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, solar tax credits are outlined as follows;

    * Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credits
    “Consumers who install solar energy systems (including solar water heating and solar electric systems), small wind systems, geothermal heat pumps, and residential fuel cell and microturbine systems can receive a 30% tax credit for systems placed in service before December 31, 2016; the previous tax credit cap no longer applies.”
    Find out more, visit
    Solar Panel Building

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