High efficient Electric Motor

There is a group of researchers at the Tokai University, that invented a new brushless DC motor. This motor is up to to 96% efficient in converting electrical energy into usable form.

The motor is intended to be used in the eco-cars of the future, which have to be low emission along with being energy-efficient.

Another feature of the motor is that it can maintain the conversion efficiency in the range of 93% to 96% even if the output keeps on fluctuating from 50W to 200W.

However, the cost can be reduced to 1/4 or 1/5 if the production process is automated for mass production because the iron material itself is not expensive.

Setting aside the high cost, this motor has a wide range of applications, including refrigerators, electric bicycles and electric motorbikes, judging from its output and speed,


“(However,) the cost is nearly 20 times higher than that of commonly-used motors with efficiencies ranging from 80 to 89%,”

Source and image: Tokai University

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I was at vacation since few weeks without inet connection….

  2. Uncle B says:

    I expect a two seater, tandem style, carbon fiber and plastics bodied electric commuter car to replace the SUV’s in the U.S.A. The motors for these vehicles will be transferable to newer bodies and the batteries will be “slide-in” replaceable and totally recyclable when done. No matter how expensive a good motor is, I will take it with me to the next body when I trade! Unregulated vulture capitalism has had its day. The environment, and the patience of the people, both have reached their limits, and a new age of highly repairable transportation is at hand. We now view personal transportation as a necessity, and can no longer tolerate the extravagances of corporate greed where it is concerned. The environment and the resource flows of materials and oil are near exhaustion for the benefit of the few Uber-rich as it is. This insanity must stop! I expect China to change the direction, much to the chagrin of the capitalists in the world, and make cars that last, are repairable, durable and with reusable parts – the proletariat no longer victims of greedy corporations owned by the very rich few, living high on the hog at our expense! Good motors are still good motors, long after they have been sold, and long after the cars, fridges, and motorbikes they started out in, are worn to shreds and need replacement!

  3. Charlie says:

    Whats different about this to other types of motors?