Ultra green Solar Powered Phone from Samsung is called Blue Earth

There is a new solar mobile phone from Samsung. It is Samsung Electronics Company of South Korea which has created the solar mobile phone. Well, a new version of the solar mobile phone. Few months ago I wrote a post about solar charger for Iphone. I think that the next generation of iPhones will integrate solar charger inside.

The new solar mobile phone is known as Blue Earth. The solar panel which absorbs the sun’s rays and converts it into usable energy can be found right on the back of the battery. The Blue Earth is made of recycled plastic, features a pedometer, and even software that reaffirms just how much you’re helping the planet by using it.

This mobile phone can be very usefull to moutain walkers. Also campers, hunters, fish enthusiasts, and other sportsmen could extend their trips into the wilderness while remaining in contact with the outside world in case of emergencies. I hope that there will be soon more and more solar powered mobile phones on the market. The Samsung’s Blue Earth is one of the first ones.

Solar powered Cell Phone from Samsung named Blue Earth

Solar powered Cell Phone from Samsung named Blue Earth



Source: Inhabitat and Pocket-Lint

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