Pocket Size Samsung video Projector can be an interesting for a home cinema

Samsung uses an advanced LED light source for brighter, more colorful presentations. This LED light source lasts over 30,000 hours which means costly lamp replacement is a thing of the past. Also it’s mercury free, so no special recycling is required.

The Samsung P400 weighs about 2 lbs, measures 5.8″ W x 2.5″ H x 5.7″ D, and combines miniaturized DLP® technology, an advanced LED light source and Samsung engineering for colorful presentations. Colors are saturated up to 140% of NTSC color gamut, which is perceived as brighter by the human eye. The LED is mercury-free, so no special recycling is required. Video and audio inputs let you connect a laptop, DVD player or digital video device easily. The Samsung P400’s sleek design says you’re progressive, even before you turn it on.

The pocket-size Samsung P410 ($749 list) offers all the strengths of the P400–small size and light weight with a bright image and good audio quality–and it adds important new features, too.


  • read files directly from a USB memory key so you can give a presentation,
  • show photos
  • play movie clips without a computer.


Just look at it’s pocket size….


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