Nex iPhone will be solar powered

Next iPhone with solar panels.

Apple is preparing next iPhone… This might not be something extraordinary, since everyone knows that after iPhone 4 there will be iPhone 5, but… The iPhone 5 will most likely be running on solar energy. In fact Apple has filed a new patent for a several  “media players with integrated touch sensor solar panel surfaces.” So not only iPhones 5, but also other products from Apple might be powered with solar power.

The solar cells will be placed underneath the multi-touch surface.

we see Apple detailing how they’ll be able to integrate cell panels beneath their multi-touch surface as opposed to it being applied to the top surface of their media players as previously thought. This revelation ensures us that Apple won’t be sacrificing design for function. The reason that it’s intriguing is that it supports the design shift that Apple’s iPhone prototype took. By switching the iPhone’s backside substrate to a non-metal surface would clearly open the door for Apple to implement a double-sided solar panel design

Source: Patentlyapple