New battery for MacBook Pro is 60% more efficient

At MacWorld there was shown a new battery technology which is high efficient. It’s about 60% more efficient than usual batteries powering todays notebook or laptops.The new battery can last up to 8 hours on a charge, and can be charged 1,000 times, equivalent to about 5 years.

The batteries are made in block instead of cylindrical cells, so in the same place you can fit bigger battery. The laptop don’t get any bigger, because the battery has the same size.

But the upside is that it will last three times longer than the industry standard. The trick for making it last longer is using a chip within the battery that communicates with each cell to make adjustments to the current for each cell. This means a maximized battery life.


There’s a new concept of “adaptive charging”, which reduces wear and tear on the battery while charging. That’s “more than three times the notebook batteries in the industr today.” Now, there’s a chip in the battery that talks to each individual cell and adjust the current individually in order to maximize lifespan.


looks good.

And here is some photos I found at gizmodos blog concerning the Macbook Pro…


Source:Gizmodo and TreeHugger

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