French revolution in LMP battery’s powered BlueCar

I know that BlueCar has been here for some time now. But at the recent Geneva Autosalon, the new Bluecar had been presented by french group Boloré.

The car uses a revolutionary technology battery which gives a great autonomy of over 250Km and the top speed 130Km/h.

Bolloré’s subsidiary Batscap has been working for 15 years to develop a solid-state Lithium Metal Polymer battery.

The BLUECAR electric car will be produced by the Pininfarina-Bolloré joint venture at a plant located near Turin.

This battery can store five times more energy than a traditional battery weight for weight, and can be recharged in a matter of hours. It does not require any maintenance and has a lifespan of around 200,000 km.

On the roof there are solar panels to keep “fresh” the onboard electronic devices.

Theres is an air conditioning on board too..

There are a Supercapacitors onboard which are used to recover energy from breaks. Those supercapacitors are energy storage components developed by the Bolloré group. In an electric car, supercapacitors draw and store energy generated while the car is braking, feeding it back into the system when the car moves off again. The result is greater acceleration, increased range and a longer lifespan for the car’s battery.

There is also a remote control built into a smartphone can be used to remotely check the battery charge level and pre-heat the car’s electric drive system so that it is ready to drive off immediately even if it has been left at the curb for a long time.