5 Funky Solar Powered Light Gadgets

This is a guest post by Dan Harrison from EnviroGadget.com . If you are interested for writing a guest post or became a regular writer for Best Solar Energy just contat us.

When you think of solar powered lights, what do you think of? Perhaps those faint lights in the garden that line your pathway or driveway? Well here are a selection of solar-powered gadgets that are a little more special and a little more funky than those boring garden lights!

The guiding light mailbox is a practical gadget actually, as it’s a special saddle-type widget that fits over an existing mailbox on your front lawn. The internal light charges up during the day, and at night, it illuminates a panel which has your house number on it. The kit comes with 6 sets of digits, so that you can change the number to match your address. The light makes it really useful for delivery people, contractors, emergency services and infrequent visitors to be able to find your home easily. And if you like pizza deliveries, then there’s no more cold pizza too!


On the theme of practical lights, the Solar Powered Courtesy Light is a solar light that comes on when it detects motion using the built-in motion detector on the front of the light. The light is bright enough to reach up to 8 metres, and covers a 100 degree angle. If you need the light in a dark passageway, then you just need to move the light into the sunlight once a week using the special key-lock system. The key-lock system means that it’s really easy to move the light when it needs charging, i.e. no screwdriver is required.

Solar Sensor Light

Now we get on to the more decorative solar lights, such as the Green Glazed Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern. The sphere lantern looks a lot like a candle-lit ceramic light, but without the hazards of lit candles around the home. The light would be perfect if you have children around, or you just like to enjoy the ambient light without worrying about the risk of fire! It’s the usual deal, charging through the day and lighting up when it get’s dark. A great addition to a conservatory or patio!

Solar Sphere Green

If you’re having a party, Solar Drinks Coasters can add a really cool effect to the drinks table. The coasters use bright LEDs that cycle through a range of colours throughout the night, which also make your drinks glasses glow too. Usefully, the coasters have a replaceable internal rechargeable battery, which means if there’s no sun around, you can charge the batteries up in a conventional battery charger ready for your evening shindig.

Solar Coasters

Finally, with the festive season on it’s way, we’re on to solar-powered fairy lights. Having lots of fairy lights on at Christmas can be pretty expensive with the high energy bills, however, that’s something you don’t need to worry about with these pretty lights. You can get a long rope light or a net of lights to help decorate any indoor or outdoor location. Just hope that you get enough sunlight in the winter to charge these puppies up! Failing that, just use them in the summer. Sorted!

Solar Fairy Lights

This is a guest article written by Dan Harrison who writes about solar-powered gadgets and other cool eco gadgets at EnviroGadget.com.