Hybrid and Electric Cars

Mitsubishi CA Miev

Mitsubishi CA-MiEV has twice the range of Nissan Leaf

As for now it’s still concept, but it’s designed to be the successor of the Mitsubishi MIEV. Mitsubishi CA-MIEV has a 28 kWh Li-ion battery and the electric motor has 80 kW (107 horsepower). It has 300 km drive range (186 miles), which is quite comfortable, considering the range that usually provide electric cars. In addition, […]

Hybrid Cars

Things You Ought To Know about Hybrid cars

In the present rising economy, the prices are zooming every day making it difficult to afford even the basics. For example cars, earlier it was an easy job to afford a car but with the rising fuel prices most are scared to buy it. However here is an alternative for this solution. Invest in hybrid […]

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Thin Film

Solar Panels Printed On Paper

Solar Panels printed on paper

Flexible solar panels lucks the efficiency of standard solar panels but does have different usage possibilities. In fact the flexible solar panels can be even printed on paper. The prove was given by a research team in the MIT. The paper photovoltaic arrays are created through an oxidative chemical vapor deposition process at temperatures less […]


New record in efficiency for Flexible Solar cells

I do like flexible solar panels, because they can be easily used to generate electricity. A new record in efficiency has been established by scientist at Empa, which is a Swisss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology. The new record is 18.7 % of efficiency, which beats the previous record which has been 17.6%. […]

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Renewable Energy


Cellphone Charger Powered by Water

A portable charger for cellphone or other consumer devices has been invented in Sweden. The inventor – Anders Lundblad, KTH researcher and founder of MyFC, says that the device can be powered by fresh or seawater. The water need not be completely clean.   It’s World’s first portable fuel cell charger for consumer use that runs on […]

Solar Energy

The future of energy is already here

It may seem futuristic and far-out to many people, but renewable energy is growing in popularity. It has so much to offer any home or business looking to both be seen as more environmentally friendly as well as with saving money on rising energy bills. Perhaps one of the most popular forms of renewable energy […]

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Samsung Introduces Solar TV

Samsung Introduces Solar TV Samsung continues to move forward in developing solar-powered electronics. It has already introduced a solar-powered video projector, cell phones, and cell-phone chargers, and now it introduces a solar-powered television. There won’t be any need to charge the television during the day or to worry about restricted viewing at night: The new […]


Mitsubishi i-Miev – The US version

The US version of i-Miev is longer than the original japanese version. Los Angeles Auto Show Mitsubishi is unveiling the North American version of the i-MiEV compact electric car. i-Miev is one of my favourite electric cars – after the Tesla of course… The US version of i-Miev is a bit longer, It’s because the […]

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Solar Energy

Space station

How NASA is using Solar Energy

This is a guest post by Audrey Clark. See bio bellow article. NASA uses solar energy technology both on Earth and in space. NASA conducts fundamental research in solar energy technology for uses in space, which also have commercial applications on Earth. As part of the Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA has a Photovoltaic & Space […]

Solar Impulse - First solar plane to fly 2500 km

Experimental Swiss Plane without a drop of Kerosen fly 2500 km from Swiss to Morocco

Solar Plane called Solar Impulse flies to Morocco Experimental aircraft Solar Impulse, a solar-powered, started on Thursday to experimental flight from Switzerland to Morocco. The plain has started from the airport in the westPayenne Switzerland. The arrival will be In Morocco. There is a scheduled landing at the airport at Rabat. The flight which will be approximately 2500 km long, with only one stop in Madrid, Spain. There will be a technical inspection of […]

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Wind Energy


Australian Wind Turbines can be mounted horizontally or vertically

Wind energy with newly developed Australian company Windpods International Pty Ltd. Wind energy is generated by wind turbines. Usually the’re horizontal or vertical models. This model can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and it’s completely silent. The Windpod G1 is a vertical axe wind turbine which can be fixed on roofs and and can produce up to 1 […]


Efficient wind turbine from Southwest Windpower

New efficient Wind Turbine from Southwest Windpower. In the consumer market, the importance of efficiency is crucial. Most efficient devices usually gets more success than others. This new wind turbine can start to make “big noise” in a press when it’ll start selling. As for now the product has been announced on Windenergy.com as a […]

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